Nepal is a developing country and the Government alone cannot provide health care with standard and modern diagnostic and treatment facilities of all conditions to the population. Existing hospitals, even in the capital, lack adequate, modern, up-to-date, hi-tech and expensive equipments and treatment facilities. Hence hospitals and specialty centers are coming up from the private sector and with the aid from International Non-Government



  • Most of the people  are compel to choose  SHRC because of  following  reasons .
  • Highly committed for the standard care of the pation .
  • Mas built the  infrastructure as per the requirement of pation.
  • Mas well managed and  open rooms in its   wards.
  • Easy accessible from the  main ring-road.
  • We provide  facilities as well as discount  in health care  service for the needy person.
  • We delegate  standard patient care by reducing the nosocomial infection
  • We deliver health care  service through various health package with  offordable cost. The health package  include child  health package,senior citizenship health package,student  health package