Nepal is a developing country and the Government alone cannot provide health care with standard and modern diagnostic and treatment facilities of all conditions to the population. Existing hospitals, even in the capital, lack adequate, modern, up-to-date, hi-tech and expensive equipments and treatment facilities. Hence hospitals and specialty centers are coming up from the private sector and with the aid from International Non-Government


Our Objectives

  • To establish hospital as research center.
  • To provide quality and compassionate care equally accessible for patients.
  • To collaborate with other international health organization  and  hospital to increase the standard health services.
  • To introduce computer based hospital management information system.
  • To provide charity services to poor and needy  person.
  • To  use the concept of telemcedicine to increase the standard of health care services.
  • To do academic and research work in the fild of health sector and to play role in training manpower.